Works on Washi 

Fukunishi Udagami, Seichosen, Seikosen

and Sekishu Tsuru Banshi.

Ink, paint. 

Storm on Shore, Sekishu Washi, 12X10", 2019

Wave & Water 3, 10.5 X 8"  

What is noteworthy for me is stillness and spacial awareness, looking vs seeing, and the root of momentary or fleeting experience vs crystallized experience. My default lens is the minimalist view. My interests lie with a perception of reality just as it is, without filters, without elaborations or conceptual overlays. Without artificial identifications and labels. 

Wave & Water 2,  13 X 9.5" 

When contemplation is coupled with awareness of sensory input, inspirational moments arise that interpret the experience of ordinary things into something else on the paper. This can reflect tumultuous, dynamic energy or stillness, and everything in between.They are all elusive, temporary impressions. 


Spaciousness supports this encounter, it brings brush, paint and ink to the surface without effort. At times, my response to space, light, form, and texture appears to be from outside of myself. Other times it is perceived to emerge from internal more concealed places of mind. Inside, outside, no sides. The impulse is there to call them, to name them, but at that point there is just the thought left, the memory. The momentary interpretation of something that occurred is no longer there. It has expired along with the sensation. 


Wave & Water 13, 13 X 8.5"

Looking at the water, sky, land, and nature reveals just what they are in essence - vibrating colour, energetic dynamics, movement, light, order & chaos... and always, pervasive expansive space.  The vitality of life, of the spacious awareness of everything, is present whether I notice it or not. Whether I like what I am perceiving or not. Whether I am awake to the unfolding of the moment or not. 

Wave & Water 8, 13 X 9.5"

Wave & Water 5, 10.5 X 8" 

All images & text copyrighted by Teresa Cullen, 2019-23