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*Photo Exhibition of selected images at  July 3-31st, 2021
See Update page for information

Exploring the shore at Wasaga Beach, Ontario, for many years, I witness the inexhaustible views that the elements spontaneously create in endless patterns. 


Wasaga Beach Shoreline Series. Digital images. 

The photo series is thematically similar to the washi works found on this website. Both series are inspired by the raw elements and their dynamic forces as found in nature. 

Please contact for further information on availability, pricing, and inventory.

Shoreline Series: Filaments


Shoreline Series, Eddy #4

Water, sand, shell and branch. Space, sky and earth. The interplay of elements that produce momentary, minimalist and mesmerizing beauty, briefly come together and present with the power of an offering, displaying a unique moment of beauty defined by line, colour, texture, and contrasting light and dark. A few seconds later they wash away again, repeating the process continuously since primordial times. Noticing these unique designs on the shoreline is a passionate practice of full presence for me. 


shoreline Series: Fault Lines


Shorelines Series: Stitch Altered

There is a sense of complexity and persistence in the rhythm of being both at rest and in movement, such as at shorelines around the world. Micro-views and minimalist perspectives help to refine my focus down into a field of play where elements present their intimate moments, if we care to observe them.


Shoreline Series: Transitions


Shoreline Series: SandTrees #3


Shoreline Series: SandTrees #2


Shoreline Series: Quake


Shoreline Series: Water Desert

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