Wasaga Beach Series. Digital images. 


Digital Imagery

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Exploring the shore at Wasaga Beach Ontario for many years, I witness the innumerable forms that the elements spontaneously create in endless patterns. 

There is a sense of complexity and persistence in the rhythm of being both at rest and in movement, simultaneously and continuously. Micro-views and minimalist perspectives help to refine my focus down into a field of play where elements present their intimate moments if we care to observe them.

Water, sand, leaf, stone, branch. Space, air, sky, land. Momentary existence comes together, washes away, reinstates & recreates its presence out of nothing, then washes away again. 
An experience happens in order to capture through the lens the elemental interactions as they arise, right there, and then quickly vanish to rearrange themselves in the next elusive moment. Nature helps me to practice full presence and noticing. They are important to the creative process. 

All images & text copyrighted by Teresa Cullen, 2019-23