Chill Pill  

 Beyond the Pale, 30X30" oil/plywood

Broad spacious colour, with hints of sub-colour emerging through into the surface light. Layers of interaction, sometimes with no dominant theme or presence but an overall terrain that indicates its temporary conclusion. 

Convergence, 44X44" oil/plywood

A sense of dualistic experience, a separation, an interjection from one side to the other, a swirling pattern of interactions that are inserted into a field of presence, supporting the quest for temporary conclusion. 

Metabolic Yellow, 44X44", oil/plywood

What appears as nothing happening often is pregnant with potential and presence. The ubiety of a stroke here and a circle there, a scuffing here and a sheen there, establishes the conversation that develops in the field. 

Ice Cream, 36X36", oil/plywood

Liminal Waking, 48X48", oil on ply

All images & text copyrighted by Teresa Cullen, 2019-23